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Dual OSS node Lustre ZFS OSS/OST Platform. Redundant, removable and designed for Lustre and ZFS applications. Up to 208TB in 4U using RAID-Z2.

The Hydra60™ is a combination Lustre OSS (object storage server) and OST (object storage target) with two active/active failover nodes and shared storage in a single system chassis with an ultra dense 60 drive 6Gb SAS storage infrastructure. With a unified and zonable 6Gb SAS dual-ported backplane and drives the Hydra60™ can sustain a remarkable performance while providing high-availability to volumes or object storage. With external interface options including FDR Infiniband, 40/10GbE 1Gb Ethernet and supporting Linux and Lustre releases 2.x the Hydra60™ makes an excellent storage platform for Lustre performance with HA operation.

The design of Hydra60™ provides an affordable, redundant and resilient storage platform by leveraging RAIDZ thereby eliminating the cost of hardware RAID controller technology.

Management of Hydra60™ can be done completely remote with IPMI v2.0 monitoring, console and control as well as CLI, Java and Web management interfaces.

The Hydra60™ has great support options available including Lustre support from Intel-HPDD (Whamcloud), 7/24 onsite hardware support and advanced hardware replacement.